Principles of Management OER Project

My classes are working on two open source projects in 2021 to create supplemental materials to the OpenStax Principles of Management textbook. Both will attempt to highlight the essence of the chapter contents in engaging ways for today's college students. One will be to develop text message courses for each chapter using the Arist platform. The other will be to devel...
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Creating an OER Podcast with my Principles of Management Class

You can use Zoom to record podcast interviews
Podcasts are quickly becoming a way that so many people, especially business people (my discipline), fit learning into their busy lives. I mentor Sanat Singhal, a 17 year old who is exploring his interest in entrepreneurship through his podcast 21st Century Visionary. We met in The Podcasting Workshop in April 2020. I was invited back to help support the July cohort, and now t...
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Create Your Own School

Neon sign says, "This is the sign you've been looking for"
We believe most schools don't help young people discover their gifts, talents, passions, interests, or dreams; instead they convince them that there are limited paths to success. We believe that if young people were surrounded by a supportive community of peers and mentors, they could define success on their own terms. The Create Your Own School Community is a place to find...
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Learning #Ungrading via Twitter

My first Twitter Chat was awesome! In addition to finding new people to follow, and links to valuable #ungrading resources, I actually engaged in dialogue that helped me see things in new ways. The best conversation I was part of started with the tweet below. So even though I've barely used Twitter, and had...
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My First Twitter Chat #Ungrading

Alfie Kohn Quote - "An emphasis on defective mindsets (or a tendency to accuse students of being insufficiently motivated) conveniently lets us off the hook. It is popular for the same reason we may be tempted to believe that the problem is grade-grubbing students rather than grade-giving instructors and institutions."
Today I am participating in my first Twitter chat. I'm excited to learn from the early adopters of ungrading. I'm also committed to blogging through my journey here since I'm an evangelist for liberatory education practices and I want to share the research guiding my decision, and my ups and downs as I move in this direction. Just a reminder, this is #SelfDirectedEduca...
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Here is where I will share resources for others wishing to explore podcasting. The Podcasting Workshop - this is where I learned everything I currently know. Starting 6/23/2020 I will be encouraging the next cohort of learnersPodcasting for Kids - some resources that were shared with me in March 2020 when I participated in a youth/adult collective called Podcasting the Pan...
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Instructional Skills Workshop

Here you will find the lessons I developed during ISW in the Summer of 2020 Podcasting for Professors Part 1 Resources An ecology professor shares how he uses podcasts as assess...
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Pick Yourself Project

We are on a mission to change the world by igniting the creativity of young people and inspiring them to solve problems through entrepreneurship. We envision... a world where the cultural instinct of waiting to get picked is replaced by the bold confidence of Picking Yourself; anda generation equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset needed to create enterp...
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Tale of a Reluctant School Starter

In the United States we recently celebrated Juneteenth, a day which commemorates the end of slavery.  We are about to celebrate the 4th of July, the independence day of our country.  For me, freedom is always on my mind. You see, my heart yearns for the freedom of children. I wonder when will we celebrate their liberation?  When will we even acknowledge their...
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