Instructional Skills Workshop

Here you will find the lessons I developed during ISW in the Summer of 2020

Lesson 2


An ecology professor shares how he uses podcasts as assessments in the article below (it includes his rubric):

If you are considering having students create podcasts I recommend checking out Project Audio: Teaching Students How to Produce Their Own Podcasts as it includes a detailed mini-unit to get you started

Designing for Difficulty: Social Pedagogies as a Framework for Course Design is written by Georgetown University professors. It talks about the value of creating for an authentic audience (more than just the professor).

Mentorvention Minutes by Marketing Professor Dave Aron

Lesson 1

Use the link below to record and send your response at the end of the lesson

References (to be completed)

  • Dubrin (2017)
  • Daft & Marcic (2020)
  • OpenStax

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