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Create Your Own School

We believe most schools don't help young people discover their gifts, talents, passions, interests, or dreams; instead they convince them that there are limited paths to success. We believe that if young people were surrounded by a supportive community of peers and mentors, they could define success on their own terms. The Create Your Own School Community is a place to find other young people who are committed to exploring our edges, creating ourselves, developing our voice, and making our dreams come true. Here we can focus on learning what we want, how we want, and from who we want. &nbs...

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On Purpose
31 Mar

On Purpose

Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash Today I woke up filled with such gratitude for having spent the week bearing witness to the deep transformational work that my students had the courage to pursue, and sh...
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Courage to do Bold Things
20 Jun

Courage to do Bold Things

"Don’t go out there and avoid blame for a living. Go out there and put your ass on the line for the ideas you believe in. You won’t always be right. But if you’re not willing to provide an organization with th...
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Creating an OER Podcast with my Principles of Management Class
9 Jan

Creating an OER Podcast with my Principles of Management Class

Podcasts are quickly becoming a way that so many people, especially business people (my discipline), fit learning into their busy lives. I mentor Sanat Singhal, a 17 year old who is exploring his interest in e...
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We continually went around the same mountain that we had been around for years. We needed a different outlook that can only be seen from a d...
Pastor Jeff Sharp
Nicole’s passion for reaching farther than most can see and her natural way of leading and encouraging is truly a gift. On July 7th 2015,...
Michelle Jacobik
I’m so excited about what you’ve been teaching me about problem solving! After attending two of your large group sessions for our church, an...
Christine Stedford
Nicole is a trustworthy, empathic and strategic facilitator. She helped me to identify the steps and to build a plan for my goal. Thanks to ...
Karina Loera
The session went very well, it was a lot fun and gave great ideas for me to further my research into solving my problem. I have a good grip ...
Ashley Hanford