Christine Stedford

I’m so excited about what you’ve been teaching me about problem solving! After attending two of your large group sessions for our church, and one smaller session, I feel like I’ve learned so much. Being a worship leader and choir director, I lead about twenty-five people, and will be using your problem solving tools to assist in both groups. Plus I’m using it at home. I love how it’s not only effective in helping to find solutions to problems, but it also helps me to identify and prioritize issues that need solving. It helps me to figure out what I want to do. You’ve shed light on how to isolate issues, prioritize them and come up with realistic solutions. I’m motivated and excited to tackle new issues, knowing that I have a tool that I’ll use again and again to help as I move forward! It has helped me to isolate what is really important to me. Thank you again and keep me posted on classes you’re holding as I would love to attend again!

You’re awesome, Christine Stedford  April 4, 2016