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Making the decision to unschool or send your child to a self-directed school/learning center is not a decision most parents come to lightly.  Some parents spend years researching before taking the plunge, and others, prompted by a parental instinct to protect their child from some pain or harm caused by a traditional school, make the decision quickly.  You may be absolutely sure that this is the right decision for your child, or you may be fearful that you are making the wrong choice.  Either way, giving your child ownership of, and responsibility for, their own learning can be scary at times.

In this course you will get to walk side-by-side through this journey into the amazing world of self-directed education (SDE) with other parents across the world who are also choosing, or considering, this path for their children right now.  This course will provide a safe space for you to wrestle with the art of restraint, empowerment and trust needed to become a Self-Directed Parent.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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An entrepreneurship education venture that will seek to answer “what might be all the ways to learn, grow and discover who we are while building a thriving self-sustaining learning community?”  Learning will be real-world, experiential, experimental and iterative.  The goal will be to build a beautiful portfolio of failures and successes (aka LEARNING) by consistently experimenting with new projects.

The byproduct will be a product line and income stream to fund self-directed education. Individuals will leave with their own business ideas but this course is about the journey, not the destination.