Karina Loera

Nicole is a trustworthy, empathic and strategic facilitator. She helped me to identify the steps and to build a plan for my goal. Thanks to her now I have already started to build my dream.

I was experiencing a hard time figuring out how to start to practice teaching. Nicole helped me to identify what was my real concern. She planned a CPS facilitation session based on each of my interests and she made sure the outcome was exactly what I was looking for. Nicole mastered the session design and execution. She was reading group insights all the time, checking back on my thoughts and getting the most out of the resource group in the most gentle and objective way. Nicole showed always to be “one step ahead” while preparing and facilitating the session. She managed to get me several great and novel ideas to start practicing teaching and also a list of skills I should develop and improve, which I found more than valuable. I feel privileged to have experienced her as a facilitator and I would definitely recommend her as the facilitator that will take you where you want to be and further.