Michelle Jacobik

Nicole’s passion for reaching farther than most can see and her natural way of leading and encouraging is truly a gift.

On July 7th 2015, I was invited to sit in on a group facilitation led by Nicole. Our session was 2 hours and she led a group of nine individuals from different age groups (ages 17-47) and social demographics, through a very thorough process of problem solving in a way I had never seen.  I have been involved in many strategic planning sessions with Boards I had sat on, but this one was much different. Nicole was able to clearly identify our goal for the session and engage each participant through the process that would bring the most valuable results. She moved us through her exercises, opening up our minds to a creative process of thinking that structurally seemed natural as she led us, but ultimately geared us towards ideas and conclusions that were completely ‘outside the box’ and forward thinking. Her session did not just capture ‘ideas’ but also allowed us to capture ‘challenges’ that could potentially be met along the way towards the goal, so participants could acknowledge, think through, and get comfortable on some variable with these ‘potential obstacles”, rather than to become stagnated by them if one were to arise along the path, had they not been addressed and brought forward.  Her session was invigorating and exciting as we moved our way through and I was thoroughly impressed with her skills.