Pick Yourself Project

We are on a mission to change the world by igniting the creativity of young people and inspiring them to solve problems through entrepreneurship.

We envision…

  • a world where the cultural instinct of waiting to get picked is replaced by the bold confidence of Picking Yourself; and
  • a generation equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset needed to create enterprises that solve problems.

Online Learning Communities

Young people are BRILLIANT!  They can learn, grow and even THRIVE during this school disruption.  

We are creating a space to connect young people to each other. A space for them to find others with shared interests. Encouraging them to host their own online meetups to teach what they know and learn from each other. We are mentoring them on how to create cool stuff together.  

  • Online introductions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm EDT via Zoom (email [email protected] to register and get password)
  • Connect to our community anytime on Discord
  • Open to middle and high school aged young people

We are open to hosting other meetup times and/or more days of the week, if there is a need. 

Our Approach

We help young people cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and develop an entrepreneurial skillset by DOING entrepreneurial things. Here are a few of our favorite things…

  • co-create dynamic learning communities that empower personalized learning paths
  • use agile methods to hack our culture and foster collaboration and communication
  • use inquiry in authentic ways such as our Pick Yourself Project Podcast where we reflect on our learning and interview others who can advance our learning

Founding Team


Please call Nicole Colter at 860-917-5842 or email her at [email protected]

Pick Yourself Project is a program of Kaleidoscope ALC, Inc., a Connecticut non-stock corporation and public charity, working to become a 501c3 non-profit.

All human beings are inherently entrepreneurial, that is, entrepreneurial potential is in all of us, in the same sense that all humans are innately musical, linguistic and morally reflective. Risk-taking, opportunity recognition, competitive collaboration, and innovation define the species, and are a crucial aspect of self-expression. Surveys in many cultures indicate that youth specifically harbour strong if latent entrepreneurial tendencies.

Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs: Unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century – A Report of the Global Education Initiative of the World Economic Forum