Teen LLC

Most of what is written below has not been updated since 2016 (except to add links to my more recent writings).  The current vision for TeenLLC is being developed as Pick Yourself Project!

Teen LLC is an entrepreneurship education venture that will seek to answer “what might be all the ways to learn, grow and discover who we are while building a thriving self-sustaining learning community?”  Learning will be real-world, experiential, experimental and iterative.  The goal will be to build a beautiful portfolio of failures and successes (aka LEARNING) by consistently experimenting with new projects.  We may decide to maintain certain product lines or income streams especially if they are fun and/or funding our fun.

Founder’s Vision

Stimulating change in education by challenging the status quo and making a ruckus; disrupting pervasive mindlessness and setting people free from self-imposed constraints.

For those who like to dig deeper, the complete Philosophy, Vision and Strategic Plan behind this project are provided for your review.  Please keep in mind that this document articulates a vivid and detailed plan because I embrace the Torrance creativity skills and believe that in order to get glimpses of the future, you have to visualize it-richly and colorfully (Torrance & Safter, 1998).  This document represents ONE WAY that I might stimulate change in education and in no way represents the ONLY way that I could live a happy and fulfilled life carrying out my vision.

In 2017, I completed My Philosophy on Mentoring and My Definition of Mentoring (My Master’s Project, p. 20).  These would guide my role as founding mentor of Teen LLC and/or any other role I occupy in which I interact with people as I live mentoring as a lifestyle.

I just completed a paper entitled Is Self-Directed Education the Answer to the Creativity Crisis? which is published in the Big Questions in Creativity 2018 book.

Join the TeenLLC Facebook group where you can connect to other creative and collaborative teenagers, young adults and mentors who can encourage your pursuits.

WARNING:  Entrepreneurship is a creative endeavor so you may experience fight or flight symptoms such as:

  • Your heart rate may increase
  • Your vision may narrow (aka called ‘tunnel vision’)
  • Your muscles may become tense
  • You may begin to sweat
  • Your hearing may become more sensitive


Creativity is the courage to color outside the lines, risk failure and ridicule to bring something you believe has value to the world” – Nicole Colter