Create Your Own School

We believe most schools don’t help young people discover their gifts, talents, passions, interests, or dreams; instead they convince them that there are limited paths to success. We believe that if young people were surrounded by a supportive community of peers and mentors, they could define success on their own terms.

The Create Your Own School Community is a place to find other young people who are committed to exploring our edges, creating ourselves, developing our voice, and making our dreams come true. Here we can focus on learning what we want, how we want, and from who we want.  

A little history

Nicole Colter met Sanat Singhal in the middle of April 2020 at the commencement of Akimbo’s Podcasting Workshop. They continued to meet and discuss collaboration. They learned together while hosting conversations with other Akimbo alumni and students and in early September met Hannah Costello, an alum of Akimbo’s Emerging Leaders Program. Kayla Mateo, then a high school student in Nicole’s Fall 2020 community college management class, spoke up to ask a guest speaker a bold question. She was invited to a Personal Vision Statement workshop we were hosting and instantly gelled with the team.

On October 12, 2020, three of our founders were interviewed for the Emergency Home Learning Summit by unschooling researcher, Dr. Gina Riley. 

In January 2021 both Kayla and Sanat participated in the Akimbo Emerging Leaders program and we began onboarding our first group of new community members shortly thereafter. Below is a screenshot of the current learning space inside our membership community.

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