Learning #Ungrading via Twitter

My first Twitter Chat was awesome! In addition to finding new people to follow, and links to valuable #ungrading resources, I actually engaged in dialogue that helped me see things in new ways. The best conversation I was part of started with the tweet below.

So even though I’ve barely used Twitter, and had never participated in a Twitter Chat, I discovered Dave Cormier’s work in 2017, and I knew that he was active in these kinds of conversations. So once I mentioned him in my tweet, he quickly responded.

Together we were digging deeper into this illusion of ‘content’ and what it means to ‘cover’ it. Sprinkle in a little insightful humor from Dr. B. Haas’ mom’s education professor, and I start to realize this conversation has been going on for years among educators.

There were multiple responses to Dr. Heather Miceli’s colleague’s ‘cover means to hide’ insight. Bill J brings in the related word ‘discover’ and my heart leaps. I want my students to DIScover content.

We really were (un)covering something here.

After this conversation I was able to experience a deeper sense of freedom in thinking about my course redesign by focusing on…

  • What might be all the ways my students can DIScover content?
  • What might be all the ways to UNcover content?
  • What might be all the ways to REcover the joy of learning?
  • What might be all the more important things to learn than content?

Then I made a connection between the word ‘content’ we were discussing and the other meaning of the word…

And this made me think…

  • How to keep DIScontent at bay for me and my students?
  • How to be content without content?

I’m excited for my next #Ungrading Twitter Chat and so very grateful for the insights expressed by these educators.

Just a reminder, this is #SelfDirectedEducation