I am a lifelong learner and creator. I recently tried to collect all of my work into this one space. This is not complete, but it starts to paint a picture of the kind of change I am trying to make in the world.


I currently teach management at a community college using open pedagogy practices that empower students as creators and decision makers. You can read more about my latest course design by reading this blog post, or by reviewing my current syllabus


Create Your Own School – I’m co-creating a community of young adults who support each other through the creative process from self-discovery through self-actualization.

I am also writing a book. Below is the working title and current one sentence description. You can find the draft introduction chapter at this link.

  • BECOMING YOURSELF is a toolkit, a compass, and a guide that empowers teens to confidently, creatively, and courageously become fully themselves


I live this as a lifestyle. Below is the definition I developed in my master’s project.

  • Mentoring is rooted and grounded in love. It is the proactive investment in another person that unlocks their potential. As an individual seeks to do the creative best with their own life, a mentor helps them carve away that which doesn’t belong and supports them as they discover, try on, and learn to live their unique creative life.


Here are the most recent trainings and experiences that have helped me continue to learn and grow after completing my masters degree:

  • Akimbo Workshops – I serve as a peer mentor in The Podcasting Workshop.  I explored a few podcast ideas but became most interested in podcasting as learning medium, method, and assessment tool. I built a practice of creating daily during The Creatives Workshop and now I am writing a book in Writing in Community.  Above all else these workshops have shown me how to design effective online learning communities.
  • Agile Learning Facilitator (ALF) Training – I deepened my understanding of self-directed education experientially by spending two weeks at ALC Mosaic in Charlotte NC.

Here are the academic projects I completed during my graduate studies:

The photos below represent some of the situations I’ve worked in.