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Manifesto for Children
1 Oct

Manifesto for Children

E. Paul Torrance and the Manifesto for Children significantly influence my philosophy on education. Manifesto for Children Don’t be afraid to fall in love with something and pursue it with intensity. Know, unde...
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Book Review: The Strength Switch
12 Sep

Book Review: The Strength Switch

Waters, L. (2017).  The strength switch: How the new science of strength-based parenting can help your child and your teen to flourish. New York, NY: Avery. “He’s not coming back” muttered my supervisor in a...
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5 1/2 Mentors that will change your life
9 Apr

5 1/2 Mentors that will change your life

In what ways do you need to develop?  Doug Stewart reveals the secret of personal development that helped him turn himself from a 1.4 GPA to a 3.4 GPA student. His conclusion "Mentorship isn’t something that is...
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We continually went around the same mountain that we had been around for years. We needed a different outlook that can only be seen from a d...
Pastor Jeff Sharp
Nicole’s passion for reaching farther than most can see and her natural way of leading and encouraging is truly a gift. On July 7th 2015,...
Michelle Jacobik
I’m so excited about what you’ve been teaching me about problem solving! After attending two of your large group sessions for our church, an...
Christine Stedford
Nicole is a trustworthy, empathic and strategic facilitator. She helped me to identify the steps and to build a plan for my goal. Thanks to ...
Karina Loera
The session went very well, it was a lot fun and gave great ideas for me to further my research into solving my problem. I have a good grip ...
Ashley Hanford